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Perfect deal - Icey1234
I am still amuse how I was able to get such a great deal for less but guess what? This dealership is amazing and the choice you should make when you want yo get a great car and spend less then others dealerships. They are so fu*************** caring, and above all go beyond their will make sure you get what you need. This is my new home for any car buying and I recommend you pass by and get your today
Outstanding !!!
We were absolutely pleased with Hankook Motors because of the outstanding service we received. Patrick Warren and Laura Davis went above and beyond to accommodate all our needs and allow us lo leave the dealership driving a car that we absolutely love! We highly recommend Hankook Motors to anyone in the market for a pre-owned vehicle. Jeff and Ruth  Balton
* 그래서 믿고 자신있게 가까운 지인에게 소개시켜 줄 수 있다.*
한 마디로, 미국적인 특유의 세련된 서비스, 전문성, 시스템과 함께 동양적인 정과 세심한 배려, 맞춤식 서비스가 공존하는 곳!! 그래서 믿고 자신있게 가까운 지인에게 소개시켜 줄 수 있다. 특히 사장님의 열심과 진솔함, 긍정적 에너지가 기분을 좋게 해준다. 계속 거래하고 싶은 곳이다.
very good experience with A+
Low pressure sale. Good price. Friendly service. Definitely will think of these guys again when I am looking for a new car. They gave me a good value on my trade in
I had a great experience!!
I found my car online through Cars.com, It's a 2006 Hyundai Sonata Lx. It was listed with only 86,000 miles and it was for just under $8,000. As is I was looking at about $835 in fees and taxes, that part is with any dealer, so I couldn't complain about that. I looked over the car and the only thing I was able to find wrong with it were that the tire treads were a little low, the driver's side mirror stuck a little, and that the car only came with one set of keys. Right off the bat, the owner Mike Kim took $600 off for the tires and mirrors. Then he offered to reduce it by an additional $100 for the missing set of keys. I haggled once. Only once. I asked for an additional $40.59 off the price to even it up to exactly $8100. Mr. Kim agreed that it was a fair price and we shook hands on the deal. That took care of the difference in fees and taxes right there. From there I spoke with George Dzagania. He helped me with the paperwork. He was very kind and helpful. At the financial end of it, I met with Jimmy Diani. He submitted the application with the bank with my downpayment and the bank came back with an interest rate of only 4.9%, which may sound high for a new car, but for a used car that is nine years old, it's actually a wonderful rate. I walked out with a payment of $142 a month for five years. I had a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. I shopped around a lot. I looked at over 400 Hyundai Sonata LX's over the course of two months. I am not an easy person to please. I knew exactly what I wanted and I wouldn't settle for anything less. So when I found this car at Hankook motors. I checked everything. Mechanically, it was very sound. The few issues that it did have were adjusted for in the price. When you need a car, talk to Mike Kim. He is an Honorable and Knowledgeable man. Make sure to talk to him directly when you get to Hankook motors
Great vehicle; pleasant buying experience
Let me start this review by stating that there is not a single sustainable used car dealership in the nation that is not focused on making a profit; this is why they exist. So, the mark of quality is in how the sales staff treat customers and provide them with transparency and information. And it's worth noting that any car buyer can dramatically improve their car-buying experience at any dealership by simply doing the homework; know the vehicle, know the market and research the dealer. In this regard, my recent purchase of a used Toyota Highlander atHankook Motors was a great experience. Daniel Fuentes is new to the dealership, but proved himself to be possessed of a customer-focused attitude that will serve him well. He provided stellar service and immediate, responsive and knowledgeable support; especially commendable when taking into account dealing with a demanding buyer like me. There was only one hiccup in communication regarding the transfer of plates to the new vehicle, and he handled it deftly and with grace, though it required revising some paperwork to resolve the situation as I wished. On top of all this, he genuinely loves cars, the business and interacting with people ? that's something that cannot be taught and should be valued in a salesperson. On the financial side, Laura Davis in the back office was extremely friendly and informative, taking the time to explain in detail the itemized charges over the phone to my satisfaction. She provided maximum transparency and there were no ridiculous or contrived charges that some dealers will incorporate into their sales price. The vehicle itself was in amazing conditio*************** as did appear to be the others in their lot. Although it has more than 100k miles on it, it is exceptionally clea*************** the engine performs beautifully and it includes all the features I wanted, along with a few bonus features. As I stated up front, all dealers are in this business to make a profit, so if you hope to get the exact vehicle you want at the price you want, then it is incumbent upon you to do the research and come prepared. The final price was only a little more than I wanted to pay, but only due to my needing it immediately and not having the luxury of time to wait for another price drop. That being said, Daniel was willing to engage with his manager several times during negotiations to bring their price down to an acceptable level. (To be honest, considering the quality of the vehicle, the asking price was already fair and the final price was a good deal ? I did mention I'm demanding, right?)Hankook Motors was a two-hour drive from my residence, but it was worth the trip to make this purchase and I would recommend dealing with them in the future. And Daniel ? thanks for recommending that restaurant; it was a great dinner to celebrate the new vehicle purchase!
Great experience
I've bought about 10 cars over the years and this was the best car-buying experience I can recall. Vincent Wasson was an exceptional salesman - he was proactive and customer oriented - he made the entire process enjoyable and continued to be involved and supportive after the sale was completed. He was instrumental in helping secure improved trade-in value for my old car as well. Mike Kim was also extremely accommodating and efficient in completing the transaction. Together with Vincent, they were a great team and helped quickly reach a fair cost for the car and my trade-in vehicle.
어느덧 미국에 온 지도 2달이 되었네요..
어느덧 미국에 온 지도 2달이 되었네요... 처음 미국땅에 온 다음 날 집 근처에 코스트코에 먹거리 좀 사보겠다고 우리 4식구 걸어가다가 중도포기하고 집에 돌아온 것이 기억납니다.(나중에 차사고 차로 갈 때는 그렇게 가까운 거리가 여름 날씨에 걸어갈려니 왜 그렇게 멀게 느껴졌었는지..ㅋ) 그 때 바로 마음먹었습니다. 여기는 차없이는 안되는 나라구나... >지인의 소개로 한국모터스 김태원 사장님께 전화해서 제가 원하는 차종과 가격대를 말씀드리고 그 다음날 딜러샵을 바로 방문했습니다. 매장 주차장을 들어서면서 주차되어있는 혼다 오딧세이를 보고 저 차 정도면 되겠다 마음 먹었는데 그 차가 바로 사장님이 저를 위해준비해 두신 차였습니다. 시험 운전 한 번 해보고 바로 구매 결정! 다음날 가서 바로 끌고 왔습니다. 그 사이 버지니아 비치, 캐나다 등 장거리 여행을 다녀왔는데 역시 잘 샀다는 생각이 들었습니다. >그리고, 최근에는 와이프를 위한 세컨드 카까지 구입했습니다. 가격대에 맞는 차 중 상태가 최고로 좋은 차를 구해주셔서 지금 와이프가 대만족하면서 타고 있습니다..^^ (재규어 X타입) 저도 크래이그 리스트, 카맨 등 여러 사이트에서 견적을 뽑아봤었는데 거기보다 싸게 샀습니다. 그리고, 가장 좋았던 것은 등록대행, 보험까지 다 알아서 해주시니 전혀 신경쓸게 없더라구요.. 차량 구입 후 주변에 현지 딜러한테 구입한 지인들 얘기를 들어보니 더욱 잘샀다는 생각이 듭니다. 중고차를 구입하셔야 한다면 한국모터스! 강추합니다.!!
Good Experience!
Car-buying is one of my least favorite experiences, but today my husband and I visited Hankook motors--and I've changed my mind! We found a car listed online that peeked our interest. We dealt with Joe andMike Kimand as other reviewers have noted, they were not "pressure" salesmen. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the gracious woman who handled all the paperwork. The whole transaction was friendly and professional. And--we love our purchase! We'll be back the next time.....
차를 구입하고 저의 만족도는 '믿을만하구나' 그리고 '유지 관리가 편리하구나' 라는 느낌입니다
차를 구입하고 저의 만족도는 '믿을만하구나' 그리고 '유지 관리가 편리하구나' 라는 느낌입니다. 우선 저희의 라이프 스타일을 반영한 꼼꼼한 선택이 매우 신뢰로웠습니다. 차에 대해 잘 모르는 저희에겐 차에 조그만 변화가 일어나도 깜짝 놀라게 되는데 이럴때마다 언제나 전문적 소견으로 친절히 안심을 시켜주시며 수시로 점검을 해 주시니 편안하고 즐거운 운전 경험을 하게 되었습니다. 멋진 차를 폼내고 타고 싶을때나 실용적인 차를 손발처럼 굴리고 싶을때나 걱정은 한국자동차가 감당해주니 즐거움과 편리함은 감사한 마음으로 제가 경험하겠습니다. 고맙습니다. 김태원 회장님.
Re:차를 구입하고 저의 만족도는 '믿을만하구나' 그리고 '유지 관리가 편리하구나' 라는 느낌입니다
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Excellent service, good price, and a thoroughly pleasant buying experience
Had a great buying experience with Michael atHankook Motors. Bought a great car, 2014 SLK350, at a great price. There was no pressure, the process was entirely transparent, Michael was professional and courteous. My wife and I will absolutely consider buying fromHankook Motors again. Excellent service, good price, and a thoroughly pleasant buying experience. I couldn't ask for more. And my wife loves the car!
Great buying experience from beginning to end.
Great buying experience from beginning to end. Mike Kim and Michelle make you feel like family. A minor mechanical issue occurred a week after I took possession of the car and they were quick to fix it with no hesitation. I highly recommend them!
Mr.Kim was great and we love our used 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe. Thanks
Great experience withHankook motors. Mr.Kim was great and we love our used 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe. Thanks again
Florida from DC and back 2 times now
I dealt with Mike and Michelle atHankook Motors they were both super polite and made my buying experience a very pleasuring. I recommend anyone to try them they have a great variety of cars and trucks we bought a Honda Odyssey fully loafed with all maintenance done to it what a great minivan we have take it to Florida from DC and back 2 times now with no issues I will be definitely buying from them again
Don’t need to look for any second places
I have received exceptional service and care from Hankookmotors. You can count on this company if you are considering buying or selling a car. !Don’t need to look for any second places
정확하게 처리해주셔서 너무 큰 도움이 되었어요
사장님의 친절함에 놀라고 빠른 일처리에 놀랐습니다. 차량에 관련한 모든 일을 신속, 정확하게 처리해주셔서 너무 큰 도움이 되었어요
my family appreciate your services
I have bought cars before and they just want to sell, here at Fairfax Motors everything was at a higher level, personalize attentio*************** details of the vehicle you want to purchase, my family appreciate your services.
차량구매나 미국에서의 운전과 관련된 것들을 정말 친절하게 하나부터 열까지
1년간 DC 지역에 거주하게 되어 차량을 알아보던 중 주위 분의 추천을 받아 한국저동차에서 차량을 구매하게 되었습니다. 저도 미국에서 차를 구매하는 것은 처음이어서 걱정이 많았는데, 사장님께서 합리적인 조건을 제시하는 것은 물론 차량구매나 미국에서의 운전과 관련된 것들을 정말 친절하게 하나부터 열까지 알려 주셔서 초기 정착에 정말 큰 도움이 되었습니다. 대단히 감사합니다
Yesterday was such a wonderful experience at Hankook Motors
Yesterday was such a wonderful experience at Hankook Motors. Through the whole process with the team- Pauline in Sales, Mike, and Eddie in Financing- they were so kind and patient with me, made sure I was more than taken care of, and left with my DREAM Lexus IS 300 F Sport. Every car on that lot is beautiful and after we drove off with it- the first comment my (Negotiating “tough guy”) Dad made was that he will be going here for his next car purchase. The price I paid and the service I received for that value and that car is unbeatable. I can’t thank you all enough for making the process feel like the total opposite of what buying a car usually feels like. You were above and beyond and I will be your biggest advocate going forward. THANK YOU!!!! Looking forward to stopping in to say “hi” soon
Thank you, Mike
Very exceptional and professional service even after selling the car. Without any doubt, I guarantee that Mike Kim in Fairfax Motors is the most reliable and trustworthy dealer in town as far as I know. Thank you,